The Eggs Have Arrived

I spent way too much time today on the road, gathering some extra eggs to fill up our incubator. And of course, I ended up with just a few too many, but that will give me room to choose the best of the bunch.

I got 11 eggs from my friend Claudia, who adopted our extra rooster a while back. He is an Easter Egger (EE), which is not really a breed — just a mutt chicken that carries the blue egg gene. EEs are often sold from hatcheries and feed stores as “Araucanas” or “Ameraucanas” but my (limited) understanding is that 99% of the time, they are neither. Most of them are mutts, and any bird that lays a green egg falls into this category (true Araucanas and Ameraucanas lay blue eggs, along with a whole host of other very specific traits.)


Mislabeling aside, Easter Eggers are some of my favorite chickens — they come in all different colors, they’re productive layers, and mine have been some of the prettiest (and friendliest) hens in the flock. Not to mention their lovely mint-green eggs.

Claudia has both Easter Egger and Rhode Island Red (RIR) hens — so the green eggs I got from her will be all EE, and the brown eggs will be an EE + RIR mix.


From my own flock, I’m setting some mixes as well — I have green eggs from my EE hen Cutlet, plus pinkish-brown eggs from Kung Pao, my sweet Black Star hen (a hybrid of Rhode Island Red + Barred Rock.) And just a couple eggs from Salty, a Light Brahma who lays thin-shelled eggs, and not very often at that. All of these were¬†fertilized by our Speckled Sussex rooster (who is called General Tso, but may also be known as “dinner” if he starts acting up.)

I got the rest of the eggs from a local CSA farm, which has a variety of different breeds (and, wouldn’t you know, mentioned “Araucanas” on their website.) As I expected, the eggs were green and most definitely Easter Eggers — but that’s fine by me. They also gave me a mix of other eggs, including some beautiful dark brown, white, and speckled eggs (the mixes might include Copper Marans, Rhode Island Red, Ancona, Blue Andalusian, Speckled Sussex, and who knows what else.)


With so many breeds in the mix, it’ll be interesting to see what hatches from each flock (if I can even begin to keep track of who’s who in the incubator.) Only time will tell, and the clock starts tomorrow!

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