Release the chicks! (3.5 weeks)


The chicks are going on 4 weeks old now, and everyone is doing great. Yesterday they got to come out and mingle in the yard with the big chickens (who stayed as far away as possible.)




A few of the chicks imprinted on us and are a lot friendlier than most, hanging around us and happily perching on our knees when we go out to the coop for a visit. The chick in the bottom left of this photo is especially gregarious and comes running every time I go out there. It looks a lot like a Barred Rock, but it hatched from a green egg and is definitely an Easter Egger.


It doesn’t have much of a comb, so we’re hoping it’ll turn out to be a hen. But with my luck, probably not. Most of the chicks don’t have names yet, but we call the friendly one Asada (because the barring looks kind of like grill marks.)

We definitely have some boys at this point, and they should become more obvious over the next 3 weeks. This one, a mutt from a nearby farm, is our strangest chicken and almost surely male. It has a huge comb already (and a weird-looking one at that.) And it now appears to be growing a crest:


(we call him Cordon Bleu, because he hatched with blue spots and a little bit of umbilical cord still attached.)


For whatever reason, these chicks are a lot bolder and more adventurous than either of our previous batches. They love being outside, and immediately went about their business scratching in the dirt and dust bathing.



The chick on the bottom left is Sesame, who hatched a full 2 days after everyone else. S/he’s really catching up!

More chick pics (and maybe some cake) headed your way shortly. But first, I’m off to go finish planting the garden!

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