Chicken Essentials

Incubation and Hatching

Farm Innovators Circulated Air Incubator


Thermometer/Hygrometer (don’t trust the one built in to your incubator)

The incubator I wish I had: Brinsea Octagon 20 Advance













Rubber Shelf Liner (put under the eggs at lockdown so that chicks have an easier time walking and you have an easier time cleaning the incubator afterward).


Brinsea Eco-Glow Brooder 

Chick Supplies








Heat Lamp + Bulb







Miller Galvanized Feeder Base

Feeder and Waterer set


Feather Duster (chicks like to snuggle underneath these in the brooder as they would a mother hen.) feather_duster

Pine Shavings (I use these both in the brooder and in the coop/nest boxes)





Food and Water

Little Giant Galvanized Hanging Feeder  hangingFeeder




Little Giant 3-gallon Waterer waterer


Diatomaceous Earth (mix a little with your chicken feed to prevent parasites, or sprinkle around your plants to deter crawling insects.)




First Aid

Neosporin (original only – NEVER use the kind with topical pain relievers on a chicken)


Blu-Kote (put on wounds to prevent infection and keep other birds from picking at it.)




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