An update on the chicks

It’s been a hectic couple weeks, with all my spare time spent getting ready to plant the garden. And true to form, digging out all our garden tools prompted a whole-house organization project, the likes of which my sister and I  haven’t achieved in the 3 years we’ve been living here. Sorry for the long lag between posts, but I assure you there will be a lot coming out of the garden (and freshly organized kitchen!) in the coming weeks.

The chicks are getting huge already! As of yesterday, we no longer have house chickens — everyone is out in the coop and having a great time testing out their new wings, which are feathering out like crazy.almost_2_weeks

So far we’ve had no losses, and all the chicks I had to assist are doing great. Two of them had to wear little Band-Aid splints for a while, but as I hoped all the legs and toes are in the right position now and they’re running around with the others. sesame!

Most of the chicks don’t really have names yet, because a lot of them look alike and it’ll be hard to keep track until they get their adult feathers. But this one is Sesame, the last chick to hatch (and one I was sure wouldn’t survive):


And this is Shelly, the pathetic-looking wet chick with the shell pieces stuck to her back. She’s one of the biggest in the bunch now!


Except for the Light Brahmas, which really look more like turkeys. But we didn’t hatch those.


But another of our chickens isn’t doing so great. General Tso, the Speckled Sussex rooster, started coming unhinged about the same time we moved the chicks out to their little room in the coop. He hasn’t tried to harm them, but started showing random aggression toward humans.


And so though it pains me to say it, the General’s lease is up as soon as we finish getting the garden planted and have time for another “outdoor project.” He’s officially crossed the line into mean, delicious rooster. I just need to think of a recipe.

2 Thoughts on “An update on the chicks

  1. Amanda on May 7, 2013 at said:

    He’s gone from breakfast to dinner. Think he’s protecting the chicks or just gone the way of the colonel?

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