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I write this blog from an old farmhouse at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, which I share with my sister. We have a little flock of chickens for eggs, and a variety of vegetables in the garden. My favorite meals come entirely from my own backyard.

Of course, I also enjoy tackling complicated recipes and special projects — just so you don’t expect everything to be simple and/or local.

I’m a self-taught cook and photographer, and fairly new to gardening and keeping chickens as well. So don’t count on me for sage advice. But I do hope you’ll learn a few things from my mistakes, and enjoy reading about my adventures along the way.

Parmesan, a White Rock hen from my original flock.

Parmesan, a White Rock hen from my original flock.


2 Thoughts on “About Me

  1. bridget on October 22, 2015 at said:

    How might I be able to send you a message/post with photos? I just read “how to know before they crow”. I am hoping that my “Raquel” isn’t a “Rocky”. I think I know the truth… but I’m holding on to any glimmer of hope that she really is a she…
    I also want to know what came of your “Crispy”! boy or girl?
    So cute!
    Love your blog!

    • Sara on October 22, 2015 at said:

      Hi Bridget!
      Thanks for your kind comments. Feel free to send pics to Sara[at]homegrowngourmet[dot]org and I’ll be happy to weigh in on Raquel! PS Crispy is all girl and still ruling the roost 🙂

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